• Three Steps To Get Your Kids Started With Tennis

    Smart Way of Learning Tennis

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    If you are a passionate tennis player that doesn't mean that your kids will be born with an inborn desire to play the game.


    However, if you introduce them to tennis is a way that emphasizes the social fun in an easy way, you'll soon see them rushing onto the courts.


    Follow these three steps to help them discover their own love for the sport:


    Step One: Play Tennis With Them.


    When you think about games like soccer or baseball, you think about moms and dads passing the ball back and forth with their children. Do the same thing with tennis in your own backyard. You can teach them the basics before they take a single lesson or play against one of their peers. Make it a family experience and they will want to join a team for a similar positive experience.


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    The Director of Recreational Coaches and Programs at the USTA, Kirk Anderson, says that there is nothing children like better than playing outside with their parents. As a young child, he played ball with his father on a regular basis and it was one of the best parts of growing up. He hopes parents will bring that same type of experience to tennis.


    You might be thinking that tennis won't be very much fun on a lawn. With new equipment that has been modified for these conditions, it is now very possible. Kids get a better chance of hitting tennis balls that move slower and bounce lower due to a softer foam material in the ball. Small successes at the beginning help kids to gain confidence and promote rallying, which pumps up the fun.

    Kurt Kamperman says that kids are ready to jump into the game and start hitting the ball. They don't have time to keep score or learn stroke techniques. You can always bring your kids to the tennis pro coaches from x5tennis school located in Mississauga. They provide tennis lessons for kids in Mississauga for affordable rates. No club fee, no contract, no extra fees at all. Our coaches play at public courts to save YOUR money.

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